In order to draw the attention of customers we offer POS stands and shop windows design. The original POS stand or exclusively looking showcase is a great way to draw the customers’ attention to your products or services, and to facilitate their choice. We can produce POS stands of various sizes from a wide range of materials in advertising places; decorate shop windows with remarkable eye-catching decorations.

Exhibition stands

Many enterprises, often participating in exhibitions, note that good-looking stand attracts the eye and tempt potential customers. Then it becomes easier to deliver products or services. We can produce easily assembled exposition stands, which you will be able to carry to the exhibitions.

POS Stands – Stands in the points of sale

Information stands – is a specialized form of sales promotion, used in stores. Their purpose – to draw customers’ attention to certain products, it can also be special offers or new products. These stands can also be used for special events, such as seasonal sales, advertising, and presentations. POS stands may have shelves, exposition packaging – packaging imitations.

Showcase design

Many World Class shops noticed benefits of the showcases. Showcase exhibit not only the products itself, the displays also attract the customers’ attention with its brilliant decorations. We can help you to produce and install decorations in your shop windows.